About Milton Estrada


Milton Estrada is by nature a creative person in his field and as all creative persons, he is a rebel! He believes that everyone who wants and needs a home loan deserves all of his experience and wealth of knowledge to obtain a loan. If there is a way to obtain the best loan for you, Milton Estrada will find it.

He brings with him over 12 years of experience in the mortgage and finance industry. Milton believes that education is key in an ever changing lending industry. He lives by the motto, “if you’re not learning, you are not growing.”

One of his special traits is that he believes that thinking outside of the box is not enough, but creating the box is what really makes the difference! That is why Milton is dedicated and committed to thinking creatively and creating the box. He will always ensure you obtain a mortgage loan that meets your needs and not those of the bank. Milton has dedicated his professional life to helping one family at a time obtain their home. Milton holds his degree in Finance Real Estate from, California State University of Long Beach.

In his free time, Milton Estrada enjoys reading, playing with his dogs and traveling with his wife and two children.  He’s a family man, dedicated to the wellbeing of his family and makes the best of the free time he has to spend with them. As a husband and father, he understands the importance of providing a home for his family and building wealth through home ownership.