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We will help you navigate today’s difficult lending environment. We will assist with your purchase or refinance, EVEN if you are underwater! | Learn More

Short Sales

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We will help to free you from your investment that is underwater by negotiating with the lender to help sell your home for far less than you owe. | Learn More

VA Loans

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Virtually all veterans are eligible for Veterans Affairs benefits, like the VA Home Loan, which is a great choice for any veteran planning to purchase or refinance. | Learn More

Where to Start When Buying a Home

When buying a new home or property you will need the following: A picture ID, social security card, 3 months of bank statements and the last 2 years of tax returns with W-2’s.  Then, be sure to give Milton Estrada a call at (562) 810-4263 and let him help you to get the home of your dreams!   | Learn More

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Milton Estrada

Senior Mortgage Broker

Milton works to maintain close relationships with the best real estate professionals all through Southern California. He has earned a reputation for putting the needs of his client’s first no matter whether it is a first-time buyer or to refinance a jumbo loan. Milton and his team treat all of their valued clients with personal care and attention.

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The Mortgage Help You Need

You’re a good person, you pay your bills on time, you just need a little help to put your numbers together. If only there was an expert who knows what to do and can be on your side to guide you on your path to becoming a home owner regardless of any issues.

Then look no further than Milton Estrada!  He is your home mortgage expert with years of experience.  Milton works hard for you with his innovative & creative approach in finding you the best possible loan.

Milton Estrada will get you pre-qualified or even approved for the home of your dreams and will guide you step-by-step through the process.

So, when you’re ready to call the next house you see your home, you can do so with Milton Estrada by your side.

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